Anonymous asked "your blog is funny and all that yes but please learn how to properly credit people. please. thank you."

sorry about that. Well I’m a forgetful person thats why but sometimes I put something like this ➡ © (thats my ‘credits’ sign lol) •﹏•

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    Uh I just saw this. As you can see Sehun was watching his bae during his solo performance. Aww… Sese being caring and protective towards his bae. Though this is just a split moment of Hunhan it made me feel better! :D ~I really miss Hunhan tho~

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      It’s Chen’s bday, Sehun. Not yours. Get out~ :D

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        When I got a new bike I’ll be like….


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          trangetic56 asked "Hi, nice to meet you :) Seriously because of the awesome blogs like yours that make me forget about the world and just keep browsing Tumblr like a maniac XD Please keep up the good work~ <3 Kamsa"

          *speechless for a millisecond* *recovers afterwards* nice to meet you, too :]]]]]] hehe I feel so flattered cause tbh, I seldom got this kind of feedback. 

          Thank you! :*


          and keep on blogging! :D h.a.n.d.~~

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            That Kai baby look alike~~ so cute! >,<///

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              He raises it so damn high then, then *zooming to the nth level* SPOTTED! 😄

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                  Damn Chanbaek~

                  Damn Chanbaek~

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                    Baekhyun got lost in the airport. And as he looked around he muttered the words, “Where the fuck are you Park Chanyeol?!”

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